Chicco Nasal Aspirator

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Chicco Nasal Aspirator

Chicco’s nasal aspirator “Phisio Clean” is very effective and easy to use – perfect for unblocking your little one’s nose and allowing him or her to breath freely.

During the first months your little one mainly breathes through the nose. That is why nasal hygiene is particularly important. Since your child cannot yet snort through the nose in order to unblock it, Chicco’s nasal aspirator comes in super handy.

In combination with your own breath, Chicco’s nasal aspirator keeps your child’s nose free. Simply insert the end piece with its tube shaped opening into the nose of your child. After that you have to put the mouthpiece into your own mouth and breath in. This way, your little one’s nose is gently unblocked. The filter on the end piece prevents your child from breathing in particles.


  • Unblocks your baby’s nose
  • With the help of your breath
  • Very effective and easy to use
  • 3 soft, ergonomically shaped disposable nozzles
  • Suitable right from birth

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